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AWT has been providing  worldwide training, education and consultancy in production animal welfare  for over 20 years.


AWT delivers UK, EU and International Animal Welfare Officer courses and international Training trainer programmes. 


AWT courses are taken by a wide range of professionals, including those from the animal production and slaughter sector, veterinarians, retail sector and company management, government staff, students of agriculture and animal management, and a wide range of professionals who have interests in applied animal welfare.  


AWT has a large ( probably unique ) media library of high quality images and movies from animal systems around the world, which form the core of AWT training courses.

Professionals not directly associated with meat production not wishing to hold CoC’s join AWT courses to gain detailed background knowledge and understanding of production welfare issues.


AWT continues to evolve a range of AWOP / PWOP, Elective & Senior Welfare Officer training courses  to support  continued professional development of many types of animal sector professionals worldwide.


As a company we seek to provide first class training, education and consultancy in  animal welfare to help people who work in animal production to satisfy and exceed UK, EU and International requirements.

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We Deliver Exceptional Training for Professionals in the Animal Production Sector Around the World

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Poultry Welfare Officer Processing

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Animal Welfare Officer Processing

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PWO - Farm
Poultry Welfare Officer Farm

PWO - Breeder & Hatchery
Poultry Welfare Officer Breeder and Hatchery

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Welfare assessments
Standard writing

Consultancy, standard writing, and animal welfare process assessment

 We carry out welfare assessments, lairage and slaughter process assessments, farm welfare assessments and welfare consultancy projects.

We have produced consultancy reports and written welfare standards for some of the worlds smallest, and largest, organisations. 

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